Thursday, February 21, 2008

Winter at the Beach

I recently spent a weekend at the North Wildwood Beach House and I was inspired by my Mom's Lighthouse decor to take a lighthouse photo worth framing. So I spent two hours on two different beaches photographing two different lighthouses in an attempt to get something frame worthy. Here are my results.

First I went to North Wildwood Inlet thinking I was going to photograph a traditional lighthouse. I actually had to ask for directions to this lighthouse because I was looking for the "New England" style traditional lighthouse. I was a little disappointed by what I found:
So the next day I made my parents take me to Cape May point so I could photograph a "real lighthouse." But in both North Wildwood and Cape May I got some great pictures!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jack made my day today!

Jack woke up from his nap today and said those magic words that every photographer/parent dreams of hearing: "Mommy can we take pictures?" So here is Jack's latest photoshoot.

"My 2 year old is WAY cooler than me"

"Jack's first Gap ad"

Jack with his favorite Christmas present the Diego "Rescue Pack"

"We are from the planet of the toes..."
Silly Face

I never knew a 2 year old could give a sexy look...
Jack's "Broadway headshot" (kidding)

And finally my first attempt at a photoshop custom card. Mwah! Happy Valentines Day and thanks for visiting!

A photography play date with Jaime and Aiden

I recently met a cool chick who lives right in Mays Landing, has a 2 year old son and who is also hoping to go into the photography business in the near future. So we got together last weekend for a "photography playdate." We did a Valentines Day theme and let the boys play with the heart-shaped lollies Jaime picked up at Target. As the sugar kicked in, the pictures got cuter and cuter. I can't wait for Jaime and Aiden to visit again for more great fun and pictures!

Jack's lollypop broke as soon as he opened it so his pictures don't have the cute heart, just a slobbery sugary "nub."

And this last one Jaime took of the whole family. Thanks again for taking our picture! Next time we'll figure those lights out better to avoid the overexposure with your camera.

Happy Birthday Little Miss "J!"

I had so much fun photographing this little beauty in my new studio! "J" is celebrating her 2nd birthday and had lots of fun playing dress-up and sharing birthday cake with Jack-a-roni. "J" and her mommy are welcome back anytime for pictures of just to play!