Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is a Canvas Gallery Wrap?

The Canvas Gallery Wrap is a modern alternative to having your portraits matted and framed for display. Popular in art galleries, the canvas gallery wrap is becoming the chic new way to display your favorite portraits in your home.

Your favorite image will be printed directly onto fine art canvas and then professionally wrapped around a wooden frame. This process allows your image to continue around the edges of the frame to give a modern 3-dimensional effect to your portrait.

As you can see below, the portrait wraps right around the sides of the frame, so nothing is visible but your gorgeous portrait. The canvas wrap portrait below was coated with a semi-gloss laminate that you can see reflected in the sunlight. The laminate, also available in matte or high gloss, protects your portrait from scuffs, scratches and cracking and also provides UV protection.

You can see just how finished and impressive the wrapped edges are. The canvas gallery wrap would look perfect in a modern, minimalistic, contemporary, or simply decorated home.

In the close-up below you can see the rich texture of the fine art canvas that transforms your portrait into a work of art.

And the best part of a canvas gallery wrap is that it arrives finished and ready to hang on your wall. No more letting your precious portraits sit in boxes for weeks while you search for the perfect frame.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes!

I can't believe last weekend it was 20 degrees and we were playing in a foot of snow, and this weekend it was 70 degrees and we were playing at the park in short sleeves. I'm not complaining. We still had lots of fun getting Jack out of the house to play again this weekend. Here are some pictures from the park. I also had fun playing with a few different editing styles.

Vibrant Color

Vanilla Black & White

This is a cool vintage blue jeans edit.

Some more vibrant color. And check out the crazy hair on my boy.

We had a spring time snowball fight. Daddy actually snapped this shot.

This one makes me LOL because Jack points to things like he's Vanna pointing to her letters on Wheel of Fortune. He's even got Daddy doing it now.

I thought blowing on the cattails was a good idea until I was picking the little seeds out of my hair, eyes and lipgloss for the next half hour.

I love how Jack's eyes match the water in this one.

This one is a vanilla black and white with a little texture.

We had to get the obligatory belly shot. 27 weeks and counting. I just got this shirt and I'm already too big for it.

And some "naturey" shots I snapped while Jack and Daddy played.

violet edit

a little texture on this one

A red-winged blackbird's nest with some texture added.

A violet edit with texture

A warm edit with texture

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Day

We have waited 3 years for a decent snowfall and we finally got one this past weekend. Jack and Daddy had a great time playing in the snow with the dogs!